mulled wine holiday special

Holiday Mulled Wine with Samantha Sommelier

Is there any more perfect holiday wine recipe than Mulled Wine? This combination of wine, citrus, spice, and spirit goes at least as far back as the Romans, and it’s a staple in holiday markets around the world (Glühwein anyone?). Our recipe is a collaboration from our host Carole Mac and Samantha Capaldi, AKA Samantha Sommelier, who came in... Read More


Halloween Candy and Wine Pairing with Keri Levens of Chefs Club

This Halloween, The Question Is: Trick Or Treat, Dry Or Sweet? What wine pairs with trick-or-treat candy? We have solved your Halloween candy and wine pairing conundrum. Sommelier Keri Levens of Chefs Club by Food & Wine takes us through a trio of wines that pair amazingly well with candy. Plus, Keri adds a bonus Rosé... Read More

FOLLOW THAT SOMM: Jeff Porter on Nebbiolo: Barbaresco and Barolo

   Sometimes, you want a food and wine pairing to feel like a warm cozy hug. What does Jeff Porter consider to be the “snuggie” of wine pairings? Join Jeff and Carole Mac to learn about Nebbiolo, the beloved grape behind Northern Italy’s Barbaresco and Barolo, and what Jeff calls “the greatest red wine... Read More

Grilled Citrus Shrimp

PAIRED RECIPES: Grilled Citrus Shrimp with Castello Delle Regine Rosé

We love grilling shrimp at this time of year, and Allison Robicelli’s latest recipe adds even more summer flair to these seasonal skewers. Zesty, savory, and with the unmistakable flavor of flame grilled goodness, this shrimp recipe is sure to become a staple of all of your backyard barbecues. Our suggested wine pairing is the... Read More

Olive Oil Buying Tips with Nicholas Coleman of Grove and Vine

Olive oil is a must-have in any food-lover's kitchen, but how can you be sure you're buying the best olive oil? Today we are joined by international olive oil expert Nicholas Coleman of Grove and Vine to learn some tips on finding the best oil on the shelf.

what is wine with Paul Grieco

Somm Tips with Paul Grieco - What is Wine?

What is wine? Besides being our favorite thing to drink, a historic beverage dating back thousands of years, and the most complex and exciting libation around… It’s also, simply, fermented grape juice. On our previous episode of Somm Tips, Paul Grieco got mystical on why we should all be drinking more wine. Now he’s here... Read More