Can YOU Name That Wine Aroma? Somm School Insider (E2)

Go ahead—take a big whiff. Get your nose deep into the glass. What do you smell? Ripe cherries? Green bell pepper? Fresh tarragon?  Dylan York, Principal at the Sommelier Society of America and VP of Sales at Revana Family Vineyard, leads Somm School Insider host and sommelier-in-training Carole Mac in a game of “name that... Read More

Somm School Insider Teaser!

Our new series Somm School Insider follows Carole Mac as she learns to smell, taste, identify, and dig into the big and delicious world of wine.

WHERE THE CHEFS EAT: Untitled and Gramercy Tavern's Chef Michael Anthony

Where should you book your next foodie destination? Acclaimed chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern and Untitled takes us around the country to his must-eat spots. See how this James Beard award-winning chef turns the often-overlooked cauliflower into a crowd pleasure by preparing Caramelized Cauliflower with Green Grape and Apple Vinaigrette, and why this may have helped his wife fall in love with him.

Filippo Bartolotta on Italy's Valpolicella Wines - Somm Tips

Filippo Bartolotta, Sommelier and Wine Educator of “The Wine Experience” based in Florence, takes us through a delicious experience of the four Valpolicella Wines from the Valpolicella Alps region near Verona, Italy. Filippo is also the docent of the Valpolicella Education Program for the Consorzio della Valpolicella, and takes us through this extraordinary mountainous region... Read More

Carole Mac's Hot Buttered Rum

Who doesn't love hot buttered rum for the holidays? I grew up loving this stuff. In fact, I used to sneak spoonfuls of this magic batter into my mouth as a kid! This is my twist on the recipe my mom made every year for Christmas. Also, I already double the amount of batter and rum, so add yours to taste. It's the only way.

Chef's Special: Clams in Cabo with Chef Alex Branch

Ready for sunshine? How about fresh Baja clams? Add Mexican Chardonnay, and you have a party on your hands. Let's follow Chef Alex Branch into his kitchen at Manta in Cabo San Lucas' The Cape hotel as he prepares a complex taste of Mexico.