The Best Wines to Drink with Sushi

Sushi is about elegance and purity; the wine you pair with it should be, too....


From the Concrete Terroir: The Best Pizza Wines

The best wines to drink with pizza, from Malbec to Verdicchio. They’ll be great both with that slice you grab on the go and the full pie you devour....

Chefs & Somms

Jason Jacobeit

SOMM SPOTLIGHT: Jason Jacobeit of Bâtard

On today's Somm Spotlight, we are highlighting Jason Jacobeit,the wine director of the Michelin-starred restaurant Bâtard....

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Melanie Sips the World: Kentucky Bourbon, America’s Native Spirit

Bourbon is our nation’s official native spirit as declared by Congress in 1964, and its birthplace is Kentucky. It’s also incredibly delicious...



THE TRAVELING SOMM: A Somm's Love Letter To You

You’re familiar with what a somm is, but are you utilizing us to your advantage? Likely not; as our roles have evolved over the years, so has yours...


Brix Wines, Barnyard Cheese Shop, Cheese Selection, Concrete Terroir - Wine4Food

From The Concrete Terroir: Brix Wines & Barnyard Cheese Shop

Picnics and parks season is here! Build your perfect platter for soaking up the sun at the well-curated duo of shops Brix Wines and Barnyard Cheese...

17 hours ago


Today on Follow that Somm, we're talking sake & sushi with Sake Sommelier Timothy Sullivan and Chef Nakajima-san. We shot this episode at the restaurant Uogashi, which sadly had a fire a few weeks ago. Our hearts go out to Chef Nakajima-san and everyone at Uogashi. ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago


Wine Hack: As a general rule, start with lighter wines (think crisp whites), then move to bigger, bolder wines as a meal progresses. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago


Wondering if your olive oil is the real deal? In this video, Oleologist Nicholas Coleman is here to teach us about the art of tasting olive oil and share a few nuggets of olive oil wisdom that you can use to impress your foodie friends 😏 ... See MoreSee Less

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