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Rosé Granita
Rosé Granita with Summer Berries
Why use your oven for a summer dessert when you can use the freezer? This light, icy cool rosé granita can be made days in advance, giving you more time to relax.
Maple Custard with Macerated Blackberries
While typically associated with fall, quality maple syrup is available year round, and it’s subtle woody notes provide the perfect contrast to sharp, sweet summer berries. Used to flavor a decadent creamy custard smothered...
Walnut Shortbread Cookies
Seasonal fruit can be hit-or-miss in April, as winter slowly segues into spring. It is, however, an excellent time for fresh walnuts. These shortbread cookies are versatile enough to pair with winter citrus marmalade,...
Sautéed Pears with Zabaglione
Sautéed pears is one of those desserts that sounds fancy but is really easy. For this recipe, we place them atop Italian zabaglione for a sweet treat.
Molly Yeh's Sweet Potato Lefse with Rosemary Cream
A highlight of the cookbook "Molly on the Range" is Ms. Yeh's easygoing way of approaching traditionally complex dishes, like this recipe for the Midwestern holiday dish lefse. She takes a slightly savory route...
New Orleans School of Cooking's Pralines
This recipe is from the New Orleans School of Cooking. They offer classes of varying degrees of difficulty and will customize classes. It's a great place to taste the flavors of New Orleans. I...
Liddabit Sweets' Buckeyes
Candy mavens, Liz Gutman and Jen King of Liddabit Sweets, have created the ultimate recipe for the peanut butter-chocolate goodness known as buckeyes.
Liddabit Sweets' Honey Caramel Corn
Few things scream holiday treat like a big bowl of caramel popcorn. Here's Liddabit Sweets' riff on the classic recipe with a little touch of honey.
Apple Crisp
There is a whole family of American fruit desserts related to the family of pies; this other family—with members such as the crisp, the cobbler, the grunt, the slump, the buckle, the pandowdy—also combines...