FOLLOW THAT SOMM: Chef Sommelier Keri Levens of Chefs Club NY

Why is Pinot Noir the little black dress of wine? Chef Sommelier Keri Levens of Chefs Club NY invites us into her wine cellar for a behind-the-scenes look at Old and New World Pinot Noir. She takes us from Burgundy to California to discover nuances of this varietal and teaches us why Pinot Noir is perfect for almost any occasion. Plus, why Chefs Club is like an incredible music festival, where the musicians are esteemed chefs.

“Pinot Noir is absolutely a go-to wine when you’re not sure of what to drink, or you have a lot of flavor profiles happening on the table and you need one varietal that is going to tie it all together,” Keri says…just like a little black dress is timeless, classic, and versatile.

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