Somm School Insider Teaser!


You might know Carole Mac—we hope you do!—as the host of our videos featuring sommeliers and chefs throughout New York City and beyond. Carole wasn’t a wine expert, but she became enamored by the passion and talent of the sommeliers that she followed on her show. Their mastery of flavor and knowledge of wine deeply inspired her. “I just had to know what they know,” Carole says. “So, I enrolled in the oldest wine school in the country, the Sommelier Society of America (SSA), to see if I too could become a somm.”

Our new series Somm School Insider follows Carole’s journey inside the SSA as she learns to smell, taste, identify, and dig into the big and delicious world of wine from some of New York City’s most renowned professionals. Watch her succeed, watch her fail…and see if Carole becomes a certified sommelier. Along the way, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll definitely discover something new about wine. Join us in winter 2020 when Somm School Insider comes to Cheers!