PAIRED RECIPES: Grilled Citrus Shrimp with Castello Delle Regine Rosé

We love grilling shrimp at this time of year, and Allison Robicelli’s latest recipe adds even more summer flair to these seasonal skewers. Zesty, savory, and with the unmistakable flavor of flame grilled goodness, this shrimp recipe is sure to become a staple of all of your backyard barbecues.

Our suggested wine pairing is the Castello delle Regine Rosé delle Regine, which has the perfect level of acidity and fruitiness to complement the citrus notes in the shrimp marinade. Plus, who doesn’t love pink wine in the summertime? A little chilled rosé makes everything better.

Rosé and shrimp skewers is the greatest all time opener to a wine party – trust us! One of our guests swore these shrimp must have been marinaded overnight; to their surprise, it was only 30 minutes. The coconut sugar, when dissolved with a little heat from the microwave, turns this marinade into something close to a glaze, which helps coat the shrimp and deliver a ton of flavor.

Make sure to check out Allison Robicelli’s post for the full recipe. The directions are easy to follow, and the results will brighten up any barbecue, guaranteed.

If you want to replicate this pairing at home, click here to find your closest retailer for the Castello delle Regine Rosé delle Regine.