Rosengarten on HuffPo: The Great Seafood Treats of Late Summer, Part II—The Fish Fry


I started a two-part series last week on the great feasts of late summer that involve fish and seafood. Oh, it’s not that all fish and seafood are at their best in summer…it’s just that:

1) Fisherman are active in summer, and the catch is more plentiful; and

2) Piscine treasures seem perfect accompaniments to the cool-off of a lovely September evening.

The first story, posted last week, was a look at the magnificent soft-shell clams, or steamers, of New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. Marvelous late-summer fare!

This week’s feature is not so Northeast-centric. In fact, it’s about a style of seafood cookery–a style much beloved all over the world.

I’m talkin’ ’bout fried fish.

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