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Chicken and Scallion Yakitori
Yakitori, or Japanese meat on a stick, is one of those dishes that’s really hard not to love. Traditionally, yakitori refers to grilled chicken, but we’ve been seeing everything from pork jowls to scallops...
The Brown Hotel Manhattan
A classic from Louisville’s historic Brown Hotel, the Brown Manhattan uses bitters to amplify the orange-to-cherry fruit flavors in bourbon and creates a mouth-watering balance. Cheers.
Simple Miso Black Cod
From this miso black cod’s elegant and complex flavors, no one will guess how quick and easy it is to cook. Plus, it’s a healthy choice, low in mercury and high in omega-3 fatty...
Perfect Pisco Sours from Lima’s Hotel B
The foamy, frothy drink was invented in Lima, and it’s become an emblem of the city. The starring ingredient is Pisco, an unaged, aromatic brandy that’s distilled from wine.
Grilled Pizza Margherita
A recipe inspired by the chefs at Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, grilling pizza is a great way to recreate this classic dish at home.
Seafood and Chanterelle Mushroom Paella
There are few dishes as flavor-packed, comforting, and vibrant as paella. This seasonal seafood and chanterelle mushroom paella packs a rich punch of flavor thanks to a hearty sofrito base.
Duck L'Orange ala Julia Chil
Duck Breast L’Orange ala Julia Child
Julia Child opened our eyes to the wonders of Haute French Cuisine, and better yet, she taught us how to bring the magic of four-star restaurants into the comfort of our own homes. She...
New Zealand Whitebait fritters Recipe - Wine4Food
New Zealand Whitebait Fritters
A popular snack in New Zealand, whitebait are tiny fish that are eaten whole, bones and all. Don't let this put you off if you've never tried them before. They are remarkably tender, fry...