Grilled Pizza Margherita

A recipe inspired by the chefs at Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, grilling pizza is a great way to recreate this classic dish at home.

Corn with butter - Wine4Food

Ah, Purity…The Lesson Of Mid-Summer Corn

When it comes to one of life’s great joys—eating!—I am not exactly immune to complication. If I were, how could I be so ravenous for the multiplicity of Indian spices soaking through a piece of chicken? For the pile-up of mouth-provoking ingredients on top of pork in a tortilla? For each and every ingredient in... Read More

A Paean to Alsace

In the world of wine, you cannot get more mainstream than La Belle France. France’s most important regions are the stuff of wine textbooks for beginners: Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, the Rhône Valley.

FOOD FOR WINE: Ratatouille

Now, when I plan a picnic—I like to bring food that’s just a notch in interest above the usual picnic fare (your egg salad, your ham sandwiches, etc.) I usually like to choose a theme…and go from there.


The best way to get this famous Provençal room-temp mélange on your picnic blanket (in a container, of course!) is to make it at home. It isn’t difficult.

What to Drink on the Grass

Man, I love it when the weather turns warmer, when spring takes hold. There are many reasons for this affection, of course, but one of my strongest reasons is gastronomic. For when the air is temperate, eating outside becomes possible. And eating outside…I swear I believe this!

Grain Cru: The World’s Best Rice Dishes

Before you know it—in June—people will start throwing rice. Cool, if you’ve got a matrimonial couple in your midst. But what I recommend in May, for everyone, right now—is eating it! Rice is a perfect springtime main course: substantial, but not winter-weight.