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A Paean to Alsace
In the world of wine, you cannot get more mainstream than La Belle France. France’s most important regions are the stuff of wine textbooks for beginners: Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, the Rhône Valley.
Summer of Riesling Glasses - Wine4Food
Easy Riesling Drinking All Summer-long
Summer is officially here and with the longer days and rising temperatures, it's the ideal time of year to break out a perfectly chilled bottle of Riesling. We're not alone in our love for...
Chablis: It’s Not Just Any Chardonnay
In the 1970s, during the days of fern bar-restaurants and disco music, it seemed like everyone was ordering a white wine called “Chablis.” This order was given in the same mode wine drinkers these...
Sabra Lewis Tasting Notes
SOMM TASTING NOTES: Sabra Lewis Tastes Chablis
Today on Somm Tasting Notes, our resident Traveling Somm Sabra Lewis tastes two different bottles of Chablis. Chablis is a wine region in the most northern part of Burgundy, but the average wine drinker...
Txakoli wine in glasses
Spain’s Txakoli Wines: Hard To Pronounce, Easy To Drink
If you’re traveling northwest Spain and find yourself gazing at Limestone cliffs towering dramatically over the Atlantic coastline, you have found beautiful Basque country. Thanks to the maritime climate, this region is cooler, damper,...
The Essential Guide to Dry German Riesling
The world's greatest white wine grape is finally getting some love in non-wine-snob circles. But which region to you want to try? Also, which style is the one to look out for? (Hint: it's...