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Perfect Pisco Sours from Lima’s Hotel B
The foamy, frothy drink was invented in Lima, and it’s become an emblem of the city. The starring ingredient is Pisco, an unaged, aromatic brandy that’s distilled from wine.
Seafood and Chanterelle Mushroom Paella
There are few dishes as flavor-packed, comforting, and vibrant as paella. This seasonal seafood and chanterelle mushroom paella packs a rich punch of flavor thanks to a hearty sofrito base.
Duck L'Orange ala Julia Chil
Duck Breast L’Orange ala Julia Child
Julia Child opened our eyes to the wonders of Haute French Cuisine, and better yet, she taught us how to bring the magic of four-star restaurants into the comfort of our own homes. She...
Julia Child Remembered Birthday, Kitchen, Still - Wine4Food
Julia Child: An Icon Celebrated and Remembered
“Bon Appétit!” Who doesn’t smile at the exuberantly chirpy voice of Julia Child, one of America’s most beloved food personalities, author of numerous bestselling books and host of Emmy and Peabody Award-winning TV shows...