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Valpolicella: One Region. Four Wines.
The "Valley of Many Cellars" Opens Its Doors The “valley of many cellars” (as its name translates to) is overflowing with exquisite wine including world-class Amarone.  But there is more to discover in Valpolicella....
Vinos Jerez Sherry Wines Bodegon vinos y venencia, Sherry styles
Sherry: The Unsung Essence of Spain
Sherry. It's time for the bottle to come down off the shelf and into your glass Sherry, a fortified wine produced exclusively in the region of Andalucia in southwestern Spain, is the essence of...
Hard Cider: The Apple of New York’s Eye
New York is a burst of gold, garnet, and soft brown hues when the leaves change in autumn. Pumpkins pop out from their patches. Apple trees hang heavy with fruit, and you can smell...
THE TRAVELING SOMM: A Somm's Love Letter To You
How to read between the lines of the Sommelier profession Dear Lover of Wine: You’re probably familiar enough with what a somm is, but are you utilizing our skills to your advantage? Likely not,...
Friuli - Skerk-barrel tasting
Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s Native Vines Are Ripe for Discovery
A Guide to Italy’s Best-Kept Wine Region: Friuli Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy’s most northeastern region, is known by connoisseurs for producing excellent white wines. Its under-the-radar status as a travel destination is just one reason...
Txakoli wine in glasses
Spain’s Txakoli Wines: Hard To Pronounce, Easy To Drink
If you’re traveling northwest Spain and find yourself gazing at Limestone cliffs towering dramatically over the Atlantic coastline, you have found beautiful Basque country. Thanks to the maritime climate, this region is cooler, damper,...