How to Read a Wine List - SOMM TIPS WITH PAUL GRIECO

Deciphering a wine list can be one of the most confounding aspects of fine dining. Whether separated by region, grape or producer, the many esoteric terms and appellations involved in wine can feel impossible to access. On today’s SOMM TIPS, we asked Paul Grieco how best to approach the almighty wine list, or better yet:... Read More


Sabra Lewis Tastes Fabiano Ripasso Valpolicella - SOMM TASTING NOTES

Valpolicella is one of the most interesting appelations in Italian wine. Known for the strong, high-alcohol Amarone, Valpolicella is one of the few wine areas of Italy that frequently employs the drying of grapes. On today’s Somm Tasting Notes, Sabra Lewis tastes one of the more interesting spins on the dried-grape genre of wine, Ripasso. The Fabiano... Read More


PAIRED RECIPES: Quintessential Bolognese with Basile Sangiovese

There are plenty of delicious Italian dishes, but the perfect blend of comfort, simplicity and finesse belongs to the Bolognese. On today’s Paired Recipes, we’re cooking up Hannah Howard’s Quintessential Bolognese recipe, and serving it over one of our favorite pastas: pappardelle. The region of Emilia Romagna is known for so many of the classic... Read More

What is Natural Wine? - SOMM TIPS with Keri Levens

Have you heard the term “natural wine” lately and wondered what it was? Today on SOMM TIPS, we asked Keri Levens to tell us what all the fuss is about. Is natural wine just a trend, or is it a larger, artisanal movement in wine that’s here to stay? Natural wine has been getting a... Read More

SOMM TASTING NOTES: Sabra Lewis Tastes Borgaio Rosato di Toscana

Today on Somm Tasting Notes, Sabra Lewis is back with another Italian wine tasting. This week, she is tasting a delicious and crisp Rosato di Toscana, better known as rosé from Tuscany. Tuscany is one of the first regions we think of when talking about Italian wine: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Super Tuscan wines... Read More

SOMM TASTING NOTES: Sabra Lewis Tastes Basile Comandante

Today on Somm Tasting Notes, our Traveling Somm Sabra Lewis is back to taste some incredible wines. Wine4Food gave Sabra a box of some of our favorite vino from Golden Ram Imports, and let her loose to dish out notes on regions, varietals, flavors, aromas and pairings. The result? Six episodes of Sabra, seven wine... Read More

Wine4Food Looks Back at 2018

  2018 was an unbelievable year for Wine4Food. From putting together an affordable dinner party with Samantha Sommelier through sabering true Champagne with Sophie Gonet and all 31 videos in between, we have grown and evolved so much thanks to our viewers, guests, and hosts. We are thrilled to announce that our video viewership and... Read More

how to saber champagne

How to Saber Champagne - SOMM TIPS with Sophie Gonet

To saber, or not to saber… Wait, is that even a question? Of course we’re sabering! Today on Somm Tips, we head to Champagne, France to uncover the celebratory secrets of sabering sparkling with seventh generation winemaker Sophie Gonet. Sophie is the winemaker at Michel Gonet, one of our absolute favorite Champagne houses, along with... Read More