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How to Taste Olive Oil with Oleologist Nicholas Coleman

Have you ever had the urge to cough after tasting an olive oil? That peppery burn could be a sign that you’re tasting an olive oil of superior quality. In today’s video, we welcome back oleologist Nicholas Coleman to teach us what tasting notes to look for in high quality olive oils. Nicholas challenges our... Read More

Crémant d'Alsace?

What is Crémant d'Alsace? - SOMM TIPS WITH DAVID JAEGLE

Today on Somm Tips, we’re back with David Jaegle, worldwide export manager of Cave de Ribeauvillé, to discuss sparkling wine from one of our favorite regions in France: Alsace. Previously, David toured Carole Mac through the beautiful town of Ribeauvillé on Follow that Somm, and followed up with a lesson on the 7 Grape Varietals... Read More

Sabra Lewis Tastes L'Ormarins Blanc de Blancs - SOMM TASTING NOTES

South African Chardonnay is a treat, and sparkling South African Chardonnay even more so. Today on Somm Tasting Notes, Sabra Lewis reviews L’Ormarins Blanc de Blancs, a beautiful 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine from Western Cape, South Africa. As a “new world” wine, South African Chardonnay doesn’t receive the acclaim or recognition that the old world... Read More

Mauritian Fish Paired with Maggio Chardonnay - PAIRED RECIPES

Roasting a whole fish is easier than you think, and it’s one of the most delicious ways to prepare medium to large-sized fish such as sea bass, branzino, or mahi mahi. Plus, it looks impressive and stunning. This recipe, written by Wine4Food contributor Garima Kothari, calls for a marinade of spices and yogurt that tenderizes and... Read More


Sipping Champagne in Champagne with Winemaker Sophie Gonet - FOLLOW THAT SOMM

This week on Follow that Somm, Carole Mac pays a visit to 7th-generation Champagne winemaker Sophie Gonet of Michel Gonet. From learning the Méthode Champenoise through savoring a fully-paired Champagne dinner, Carole learns the flavors, appellations, and cuisine of this legendary wine region. Champagne is one of the most complex beverages on earth, and its uniqueness... Read More

How to Read a Wine List - SOMM TIPS WITH PAUL GRIECO

Deciphering a wine list can be one of the most confounding aspects of fine dining. Whether separated by region, grape or producer, the many esoteric terms and appellations involved in wine can feel impossible to access. On today’s SOMM TIPS, we asked Paul Grieco how best to approach the almighty wine list, or better yet:... Read More


Sabra Lewis Tastes Fabiano Ripasso Valpolicella - SOMM TASTING NOTES

Valpolicella is one of the most interesting appelations in Italian wine. Known for the strong, high-alcohol Amarone, Valpolicella is one of the few wine areas of Italy that frequently employs the drying of grapes. On today’s Somm Tasting Notes, Sabra Lewis tastes one of the more interesting spins on the dried-grape genre of wine, Ripasso. The Fabiano... Read More