Wine4Food Looks Back at 2018

  2018 was an unbelievable year for Wine4Food. From putting together an affordable dinner party with Samantha Sommelier through sabering true Champagne with Sophie Gonet and all 31 videos in between, we have grown and evolved so much thanks to our viewers, guests, and hosts. We are thrilled to announce that our video viewership and... Read More

how to saber champagne

How to Saber Champagne - SOMM TIPS with Sophie Gonet

To saber, or not to saber… Wait, is that even a question? Of course we’re sabering! Today on Somm Tips, we head to Champagne, France to uncover the celebratory secrets of sabering sparkling with seventh generation winemaker Sophie Gonet. Sophie is the winemaker at Michel Gonet, one of our absolute favorite Champagne houses, along with... Read More

What is Méthode Champenoise? - SOMM TIPS with Fabrice Pouillon

Maybe you’ve heard this term before: méthode champenoise. Sometimes called méthode traditionelle or méthode classique, this process is the key to understanding how sparkling wine gets its bubbles. On today’s Somm Tips, we’ve enlisted the help of Champagne winemaker Fabrice Pouillon of Champagne R.POUILLON & Fils to explain the unique process of making Champagne. When we... Read More

PAIRED RECIPES: Mini Stuffing Muffins Paired with Mira Pinot Noir

Everyone has their favorite dish at Thanksgiving. For some, it’s the turkey. For others, mashed potatoes take the crown. There are even those among us who favor cranberry sauce. But the true lovers of Thanksgiving know… all that stuff can’t hold a candle to stuffing. Our latest Paired Recipe encourages you to think outside the... Read More

The 7 Grapes of Alsace - SOMM TIPS with David Jaegle

With so many grape varietals grown around the world, it’s nice that Alsace only has seven for us to learn. Well, eight if you count Chardonnay, solely used in the region for Crémant d’Alsace – but that’s a different video. Today we are focusing on the seven grapes allowed in the production of still wines... Read More

Ribeauvillé Follow that Somm

FOLLOW THAT SOMM: Cave de Ribeauvillé in Alsace, with David Jaegle

Alsace is a food and wine lover’s paradise, but perhaps you have never heard of it. Situated on the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland, Alsace is a culinary curiosity; a place where foie gras and escargot are as plentiful as pretzels and sausages. Wine4Food headed to the town of Ribeauvillé this summer to discover... Read More

what is orange wine?

What is Orange Wine? - SOMM TIPS with Keri Levens

You’ve tried red wine, white wine, and pink wine (we hope). But have you tried orange wine? Today on Somm Tips, we explore this up-and-coming wine style. What is it, how is it made, and what food pairs best with it? This is a great introduction to orange wine, just in time for October, when... Read More