On Service, Coffee and Wine: Scott Cameron, in his Own Words

Scott Cameron, a nerdy ex-somm, martial artist and hyper-conscious citizen, talks about his transition from the opulent world of fine dining to the more casual one of caffeination. He also clues us in on the struggles of running a small business and how he finds balance through meditation and giving back to his community. Scott... Read More

The Basics of Wine Tasting: Finding Your Own Way

Though my years of wine study and experimentation (read: drinking), and the gift of a sensitive snoot might lead you to believe that my tasting skills are a kind of natural aptitude, the truth is I have had to work hard to develop comfort with the intimidating language that wine professionals and enthusiasts use to... Read More

Finding Closure: Corks and Beyond

The natural cork bottle closure is only one of so many tools in the winemaker's arsenal. Here's a guide to closure, from synthetic to stelvin

Navigating the Host Gift: Choosing the Perfect Party Wine

You’re on your way to a cute soiree. Dress code: smart. Transportation: car service – you’re wearing heels, after all. You are confident that the host has prepared enough canapés with your dietary restrictions in mind – she called to ask. But. There is one mystery that remains – and with very few clues as... Read More