Six Places for Wine-Lovers in Georgia

Often called the ‘cradle of wine’, Georgia boasts the oldest traces of winemaking in the world, along with over 500 indigenous grapes. The ‘qvevri’ — an earthenware vessel that has been used to make wine for thousands of years in Georgia — has become the unofficial symbol of the country. These lemon-shaped pots are filled... Read More

The Revival of Cretan Wine

As Anna Maria Kambourakis opens the wire mesh gate to a Syrah vineyard, a woman from the nearby winery shouts a warning. They have a brief exchange in Greek, and then we’re in, walking among the maroon leaves of the vines. “She said I shouldn’t come in here because I’m wearing red, and the rams... Read More

Classic German Cheesecake

German cheesecake is lighter than American cheesecake because it relies on quark – a product that is generally lower in fat and higher in protein than other dairy products – rather than cream cheese. The crust is not too sweet, and no extra toppings are needed for this zesty, mouthwatering classic. Makes: Whole cake (8-10... Read More

Creamy Sri Lankan Dal with Rice

This dal is an affordable meal and a deeply comforting dish. The addition of roasted curry powder, a Sri Lankan speciality, lends it a unique deep flavor.

Bavarian Cream Cheese (Obatza)

Obatza is a Bavarian speciality that is served at Oktoberfest and in the beer halls of Munich. The mix of piquant flavors with creaminess makes it unique appetizer or snack. You’ll find it made slightly differently in every home or restaurant, so feel free to experiment and vary the measures to suit your individual taste.... Read More