Beef Bourguignon

This stew is all about wine – both in the stock, and, of course as an accompaniment. The general rule for cooking with wine is to choose a wine you would like to drink when adding it to food. It doesn’t have to be a pricey bottle, but it should definitely be quaffable. We love... Read More

Cioppino: Seafood Stew with Red Wine and Fennel

Winter is bowl-food season, which invites steaming vessels brimming with soups and stews and the promise to warm and nourish. Winter is also the season for Cioppino, when Dungeness crab is in season. This San Francisco shellfish stew originated in the 1800s when the Italian and Portuguese fishermen chopped up leftovers from their daily catches to... Read More

Sriracha Skirt Steak Skewers with Green Chile Salsa

Everything tastes better on a stick. These fiery beef skewers are bathed in a sriracha and lime-infused marinade that tenderizes and flavors the meat, while a vibrant, herbaceous chile salsa provides a fresh accompaniment for swiping and dipping the meat. If you are feeling a little lazy, the meat can also be grilled in large... Read More

Your Guide to Greek Wines: 5 Varietals to Know

A Greek revolution is afoot – a wine revolution, that is. Greek wines are having a moment. Long overshadowed by their continental brethren, Greek wines are increasingly popular while providing complex, affordable, and exceedingly food-friendly varieties. They are also enticingly unique in a saturated market of ubiquitous varietals, and worth getting to know. There is... Read More

Cooking with Rosé: Celebrate Rosé in the Glass and on the Plate

Summer is officially rosé season, and while it’s fully expected that you will be pouring your favorite pink into a glass, you should also consider adding it to your food. Wine is a handy ingredient in cooking – and not just for fortifying sips while whipping up a dinner. A generous glug of vino poured... Read More

Lemon Thyme Pots de Crème

These luscious lemon pots de crème are perfect for entertaining. Not only are they do-ahead for party ease, they pair beautifully with a citrusy, creamy sparkling wine or Champagne, guaranteed to keep your evening rolling. Choose a sparkling wine or Brut Blanc de Blanc, made from Chardonnay grapes, which provides elegant creaminess and body as... Read More

Armagnac: Where Ancient Craft and Modern Tipples Meet

If you seek a spirit that has the nuance of wine, eschews uniformity, and reflects a timeless craft rooted in family tradition, then look no further than Armagnac.  Armagnac is the oldest brandy produced in France, with its origin tracing back more than 700 years. It’s exclusively produced in the heart of Gascony in the... Read More