Short Ribs with Cheddar Polenta Cake

A recipe for meltingly tender short ribs served alongside crisp-fried cheddar polenta cakes. These are perfect paired with Old Soul Petite Sarah.

What You Need to Know About Tenerife Wines

Tight lines of terraced vineyards climb Teide volcano, a towering peak that dominates the island of Tenerife. At just over 785 square miles, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. Buffered by trade winds and year-round sunshine, Tenerife goes from balmy beaches to the alpine... Read More

Sister Pie’s Minted Pea and Potato Hand Pies

Fresh shell peas thrive in Michigan, where Sister Pie’s Lisa Ludwinski gives them a starring role in her Detroit bakery’s minted pea and potato hand pies. “Fresh peas are so perfectly bright, big, and crunchy,” says Ludwinski, who includes the recipe in her baking cookbook Sister Pie. “To me they taste like spring.” (Since it’s... Read More

Sel de la Terre: Campfire Braised Beef with Rainbow Potatoes

If planning a camping trip leaves you reaching for processed meat, Suzanne Podhaizer suggests you reconsider. “Humans have been cooking over fire for 1.9 million years,” Podhaizer says. “The hotdog wasn’t invented until 1871.” Thanks to a campground cooking partnership between Vermont State Parks and Podhaizer’s food consultancy Sel de la Terre, the educator and... Read More

Mount Gay Rum Punch

“Wha gine on?” As I wove through a Friday night crowd on the island of Barbados, I passed friends slapping hands and greeting each other in Barbadian slang. I’d come to Oistin’s Fish Fry—one of the islands social hubs—along with a good-timing crowd of locals who were kicking off the weekend with freshly caught fish,... Read More