Six Romantic NYC Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

  There are so many decadent restaurants in New York City that it can be overwhelming to make a reservation on any old evening. Valentine’s Day means even more pressure to find the right spot for a romantic, delicious, and memorable meal. These excellent choices will impress your date…and if that date is a friend,... Read More

Digging into the World of Olive Oil in Delphi

Pro tip: when you get invited to the 2nd Yale International Symposium on Olive Oil and Health in Delphi, Greece, say yes! In December, I joined a motley and brilliant crew of academics, scientists, nutritionists, industry people, entrepreneurs, and advocates to talk all things olive. The three days of research presentations, panel conversations, and tastings—so much... Read More

A Look Back at 2019 on Wine4Food

From Alsace to Brooklyn, 2019 marked a truly incredible year at Wine4Food. We had such a blast drinking, eating, and exploring with the chefs, sommeliers, wine producers, writers, and experts who make up the Wine4Food family. Hundreds of articles, recipes, and videos later…well, we can’t wait to make and share more fun, useful stories in... Read More

SOMM TIPS: Wines for Your Thanksgiving with David Jaegle

We know you’re busy planning your Thanksgiving turkey (to brine or not to brine?), your sides, and your desserts (pumpkin or apple?). It’s also time to start thinking seriously about your Thanksgiving wine lineup. Here’s one word that will steer you in the right direction: Alsace. The wines of Alsace, which lies on the border... Read More

Making a Better World through Wine with Yannick Benjamin

At Wine4Food, we’re passionate about wine—discovering it, discussing it, drinking it, and sharing it. When wine can be a way to change people’s lives for the better, we fall even more deeply in love.   Join us as we talk with Yannick Benjamin, Head Sommelier of New York City’s University Club and Co-Founder of Wheeling Forward,... Read More

Wine4Food Welcomes Sadat X and True Wine Connoisseurs

It all started with a joke. Brooklyn-based rapper Sadat X and his producer Will Tell were recording music in Will’s basement studio. During the recording sessions, the friends and collaborators were drinking “maybe a little too much,” Will remembers. So, he thought he’d replace their usual spirits with a bottle of wine. On his flip... Read More

Barefoot in Bordeaux

I had the realization after the foie gras course. We were in the southwest of France, aboard the Barge Saint Louis, and the rich livers had been served with ripe slivers of nectarines flambéed in Armagnac from a small producer we had visited earlier that morning. The effect was sweet, savory, meaty, and full of... Read More