Falling in Love with Wine as a Mormon

“Wanna know why I’m happier when I see an unopened beer can than when I see an empty one?” my cousin Chloe quizzed me as we walked down the street. “Why?” ten-year-old me replied, wide-eyed. “Because if it’s empty, someone drank it,” she said, solemnly. As a Mormon child, someone having drunk a beer was... Read More

Where to Get your Cheese Fix in Montreal

When most of us think of food options in Montreal, it’s possible that poutine and smoked meat come to mind. It’s possible that those are the only two foods that come to mind. While Montreal certainly does do poutine and smoked meat very well, Montreal’s European flair and beautiful nearby Quebecois farmland means that Montreal... Read More

A Life in Cheese

The cheese of my childhood was orange and shredded. It came out of heavy duty plastic bags with the word “Kirkland” emblazoned. We would toss it on our nachos, our quesadillas, our beans, and whatever else needed a tangy zip of milk fat. When mom wasn’t looking, we would grab it out of the bag... Read More