Cava: So Much More Than 'Spanish Champagne'

Bright and bubbly, versatile and refreshing, Cava is the sparkling wine which ought to be on everyone’s radar. Cava is more than just ‘Spanish Champagne.’ While it’s true that Cava is made in the same method as the famed French bubbly, Cava deserves recognition in its own right. If the numbers are any indication, this... Read More

Sip on History with Three Classic Rum Cocktails

There’s nothing like a well-made cocktail, but when rum is involved, the spirit instantly takes the drink in your hand to the next level. Perhaps it’s that intrinsic hint of sweetness in the sugarcane-based spirit, or maybe it’s that extra suggestion of complexity imparted by a bit of oak aging. Whatever it is, there’s no... Read More

New Zealand Wines 101 Nelson Seifried - Wine4Food

New Zealand's Kiwi Winemakers Are Showing Their Skins

An Introduction to New Zealand’s Wines Since exploding onto the scene with its distinctively delicious Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand’s winemakers continue to keep things fresh and exciting vintage after vintage. New Zealand has claimed its rightful place on the map, but it is still one of the relative newcomers to the wine world. While James... Read More

Summer of Riesling Glasses - Wine4Food

Easy Riesling Drinking All Summer-long

Summer is officially here and with the longer days and rising temperatures, it’s the ideal time of year to break out a perfectly chilled bottle of Riesling. We’re not alone in our love for this classic grape; from coast to coast, wine bars and restaurants are switching over their wine lists to celebrate the Summer... Read More