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What’s All the Buzz About “Orange” Wines?

The rosé revolution is in full swing, and while many consumers have joined in full pursuit of drinking pink, another shade has captured the hearts and palates of wine cognoscenti. Could orange become the new pink in terms of trend? More correctly referred to as “amber wines” (keep the orange references to your morning glass... Read More

The Brown Hotel Manhattan

A classic from Louisville’s historic Brown Hotel, the Brown Manhattan uses bitters to amplify the orange-to-cherry fruit flavors in bourbon and creates a mouth-watering balance. Cheers.

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Julia Child: An Icon Celebrated and Remembered

“Bon Appétit!” Who doesn’t smile at the exuberantly chirpy voice of Julia Child, one of America’s most beloved food personalities, author of numerous bestselling books and host of Emmy and Peabody Award-winning TV shows from the 1960s into the 1990s. But Julia’s legacy endures for other reasons. She resonated because she made us feel at... Read More

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Sunset Pig Tequila Cocktail

The Sunset Pig cocktail recipe comes to us from Aaron Polsky at the ever popular Harvard & Stone cocktail bar in Los Angeles. It combines tequila and peach liquor with husk cherries and Tabasco in what sounds like a crazy marriage, but it is actually crazy delicious and the stuff craft cocktails are made of!... Read More

Sonambula Cocktail

Sonambula Cocktail from Leyenda Cocteleria

While tequila is most closely and famously associated with margaritas, there are many more ways to enjoy it in cocktails. This recipe for the Sonambula is from Leyenda, a popular pan-Latin cocktail bar in Brooklyn owned by “cocktail matriarch” Julie Reiner and Ivy Mix with a menu by acclaimed Mexican Chef Sue Torrres. This cocktail... Read More

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Tequila and Terroir: The story behind the spirit

Many people don’t consider “terroir” when they knock back a tequila shot or sip a margarita. But, tequila has as much terroir (a.k.a. sense of place that defines a product’s flavors and aromas) as a bottle of fine wine. In fact, tequila is all about “place,” starting with its origins. Tequila is a distilled alcoholic... Read More