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Healdsburg: A Wine Country Town with a Sophisticated Kick

A Guide To The Town Of Healdsburg: Where Old-World Meets New Nestled among three wine appellations in northern Sonoma County, and right at the corner where modern meets old-world, the town of Healdsburg is bit of heaven on earth for wine and food enthusiasts. It’s a country town with all the charm of a picturesque square... Read More

Stars of the Loire - Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Stars of the Loire – Sauvignon Blanc Wines Nestled in the heart of France, the Loire Valley overflows with natural beauty. Pastoral farmlands and spectacular castles dot the banks of the region’s namesake river as it winds through the valley, earning it the moniker “the garden of France.” This UNESCO World Heritage site rewards visitors with... Read More

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Beyond Prosecco: A Guide to Italy’s Other Sparkling Wines

  Popularity for Prosecco is bubbling over around the globe, but it doesn’t have the lock on exceptional sparkling wines from Italy. Many additional noteworthy styles of sparkling wines are produced throughout the country, from white to red, and dry to sweet. When it comes to production, there are two main methods of making Italian... Read More

Day-Tripping in Woodinville Wine Country

Washington State’s scenic Woodinville Valley is just 30 minutes northeast of Seattle making it an ideal day trip for wine lovers. With 115 wineries and tasting rooms, as well as over two dozen restaurants and eateries, it’s worth an overnight or two to drink in the experience. Especially since this small area is home to the highest concentration of 90-plus point production wineries in a square mile.

Slurping in Seattle, and More!

Seafood reigns supreme all over Seattle. Fresh Pacific oysters and other mollusks, salmon of all kinds and the strangely phallic geoduck clam rest atop layers of crushed ice at Pike Place Market. But the city's dining scene is so much more.

Rioja: What’s In a Name?

Geographically, “Rioja” is divided into three subzones, each with a distinct terroir. A “Rioja” can also be defined as a “Crianza,” a “Reserva,” or a “Gran Reserva” depending on the aging. And then, there’s the style of wine: traditional or modern.

Napa Valley, Off the Beaten Wine Trail

Napa Valley insiders will tell you to plan your visit for midweek and off-season to avoid the crowds. Or, go off the beaten path to discover some “hidden gems” worth a visit for both their spectacular settings and wines. Here are five to check out; advance reservations are required.