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What’s All the Buzz About “Orange” Wines?

The rosé revolution is in full swing, and while many consumers have joined in full pursuit of drinking pink, another shade has captured the hearts and palates of wine cognoscenti. Could orange become the new pink in terms of trend? More correctly referred to as “amber wines” (keep the orange references to your morning glass... Read More

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Rethink Pink - It’s Time to Step Outside Your Rosé Comfort Zone

Warm temperatures, sunny days, salt-kissed ocean breezes, and dining al fresco. These are the essences of late spring and summer. So it makes perfect sense why more Americans think pink and reach for rosé colored glasses of wine come Memorial Day weekend. According to research giant Nielson, rosé sales truly are in the pink with... Read More

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Crazy for ‘Cue. A Southern Love Affair with Barbecue, Spread Nationwide

It’s time to dust off the grill, prep the pit, and smoke some coals. May is National BBQ Month and the official kick-off for outdoor grilling season. Many people refer to a good old-fashioned warm-weather cookout as a “barbecue.” But ask any Southerner (including this Tennessee gal) and you’ll be quickly clued into what true... Read More

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More than a Margarita: Pepino el Toro with Mezcal

Pepino el Toro Mezcal Cocktail (Created at La Loncheria) It’s the time of year when you start to swap out your darker liquors for something a bit more festive and bright.  Margaritas are a natural choice, but too much of the same thing can get a little old.  Enter Pepino el Toro.  This cocktail gives the classic... Read More

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Genuine Peruvian Pisco Sour

How to Make a Pisco Sour By Fredy Arone, Bartender at the Sumaq Machu Picchu The original Pisco Sour recipe was created in 1916 by (surprisingly) an American bartender from Salt Lake City named Victor Vaughan Morris, who was running a bar in Lima, Peru. It quickly gained a following. Today, just about every bar... Read More


Pisco: The Spirit and Pride of Peru!

Peruvians are proud of being the birthplace of the Incas and home to one of the world’s most ancient sacred sites, Machu Picchu. Its biodiversity is awe-inspiring; the country claims more than 80 of the world’s 103 different eco-systems! These days, Peru enjoys a reputation as South America’s culinary epicenter. From its abundant agriculture to... Read More