Your Guide to Visiting Mount Etna: Wine and Luxury among the Lava

In antiquity, wine from Sicily – especially Mount Etna – enjoyed fame throughout the Roman Empire. Yet only recently has the unique terroir of the foothills of Mount Etna been rediscovered as one of the best places to grow vines and make wine on this large island. The majority of wineries in the foothills are... Read More

Following the Wine Trail in Mallorca

Wine tourism is only one of the many reasons to visit beautiful Mallorca. The island has something for everyone, ranging from family vacations with an emphasis on water sports, to a pampered romantic couples’ getaway at the most luxurious hotels in the world. Adventurers will find exotic cave tours, while foodies will find more gastronomic restaurants than they can visit in a fortnight.

Discovering Asolo: The “Other Prosecco DOCG” Region

Most wine lovers think of Prosecco as a refreshing glass of bubbly, rather than home to one of the most beautiful wine, food, and travel regions in Italy. Asolo is the smaller, lesser-known of Italy’s two DOCG regions for the production of sparkling wine. Yet its diminutive size only concentrates its charm and appeal, rendering... Read More


The Roussillon of Southern France: Fortified and Sweet in More Ways Than One

If you recall the rugged landscapes illustrated in Maurice Sendak’s classic book, Where the Wild Things Are, you can well imagine the rustic, untamed, and thoroughly enchanting topography of the Roussillon. Shaped like an amphitheater and nestled in the South of France between Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees, and the Corbières Mountains, the Roussillon... Read More

Snapshot of Italy's Piedmont, Fall 2016

Piedmont is a gorgeous region of northwest Italy, offering romantic hillside views, beautifully preserved castles and Romanesque churches. You will find a plethora of producers to visit, and fabulous places to enjoy the region’s famous wines with truffles and fabulous cuisine.