BBQ Pita Sliders

These flavorful chicken-stuffed pita sliders will be a hit at your next cookout. A marinade spiced with garlic, paprika, and ras al hanout makes for tangy chicken, and a simple mint and cilantro-infused mayonnaise adds both freshness and richness. They’re super easy to enjoy with one hand; with the other, sip a glass of OZV... Read More

Where to Eat & Drink in Lima, Peru

Lima is the capital of Peru and the third largest city in South America. Due to its geostrategic importance, Lima has seen a variety of inhabitants throughout the centuries, which has resulted in an explosion of gastronomical choices. Enticing spices, characteristic ingredients, and friendly environments define Lima’s culinary experience. From carts stationed on sidewalks selling wallet-friendly... Read More


Vegan Indian Saag Tofu Burrito

A burrito is a staple of pretty much everyone’s diet these days.  In a world flooded with burrito options, this innovative, colorful, and healthy approach will take your taste buds on an international tour. The intermingling of traditional Indian flavors with traditional Mexican accompaniments will have your burrito indulging pleasures reaching whole new heights. Saag... Read More

4th of July Ice Cream Float

Tempting, tasty, and celebratory—we created this ice cream float to help ring in our country’s birthday. It’s perfect to assemble and enjoy with kids (that bright blue Curaçao syrup is totally non-alcoholic), although it makes a great grown-up treat with a glass of bubbly, like Michel Gonet Blanc de Noirs Champagne. Sit back and watch... Read More

Eggs in Veggie Nests

We love eggs for any meal—and this recipe encloses them in a lovely, vibrant vegetable nest. You can use any spiralized vegetable, from sweet potatoes and zucchini to carrots and daikon. They’re gluten-free, and an easy way to get more veggies into your breakfast—although they’re also delicious for brunch, lunch, or any time at all,... Read More

Gluten-free Blackberry Tea Cakes

These light yet satisfying blackberry tea cakes are a take on financiers, French tea cakes baked with finely grounded almonds, butter and eggs. The fluffy meringue topping makes way to a buttery cake underneath, with a bit of crunch. They’re a great way to celebrate the beginning of berry season and a perfect accompaniment to... Read More

Spring Squash and Clementine Salad

It’s that in-between time, when we’re so ready for spring, but it’s coming way too slowly. This hearty yet refreshing vegetarian salad celebrates fresh springtime flavors, even if you may still need your winter coat. It features sweet and velvety kabocha squash, winter greens, quinoa, and feta tossed in a bright poppy seed orange dressing. It makes... Read More

Moroccan Spring Carrot Salad

This bright salad looks and tastes a bit like springtime on a plate. Slicing carrots into thin ribbons brings out their fresh flavor. Tossing them in a simple orange dressing with sweet peas, fragrant herbs, and tangy feta really makes them sing.