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The Brown Hotel Manhattan
A classic from Louisville’s historic Brown Hotel, the Brown Manhattan uses bitters to amplify the orange-to-cherry fruit flavors in bourbon and creates a mouth-watering balance. Cheers.
Perfect Pisco Sours from Lima’s Hotel B
The foamy, frothy drink was invented in Lima, and it’s become an emblem of the city. The starring ingredient is Pisco, an unaged, aromatic brandy that’s distilled from wine.
Sunset Pig Tequila Cocktail, Harvard and Stone, Aaron Polsky - Wine4Food
Sunset Pig Tequila Cocktail
The Sunset Pig cocktail recipe comes to us from Aaron Polsky at the ever popular Harvard & Stone cocktail bar in Los Angeles. It combines tequila and peach liquor with husk cherries and Tabasco...
Sonambula Cocktail
Sonambula Cocktail from Leyenda Cocteleria
While tequila is most closely and famously associated with margaritas, there are many more ways to enjoy it in cocktails. This recipe for the Sonambula is from Leyenda, a popular pan-Latin cocktail bar in...
Pepino_El_Toro_Mezcal_Margarita_Cocktail - Wine4Food
More than a Margarita: Pepino el Toro with Mezcal
Pepino el Toro Mezcal Cocktail (Created at La Loncheria) It's the time of year when you start to swap out your darker liquors for something a bit more festive and bright.  Margaritas are a natural choice,...
Peru Pisco Sour Cocktail SUMAQ MACHU PICCHU - Wine4Food
Genuine Peruvian Pisco Sour
How to Make a Pisco Sour By Fredy Arone, Bartender at the Sumaq Machu Picchu The original Pisco Sour recipe was created in 1916 by (surprisingly) an American bartender from Salt Lake City named...
Boozy and The Beast - Spring into Easter Cocktail
Bourbon, It's What's For Brunch! The inspiration for Boozy and The Beast was to create something using dark spirits that has a beautiful appearance. We really love the contrasting colors of the drink as...
A Darker Shade: A Mezcal Cocktail
It’s winter! Time for boozy cocktails to warm our bones from the chill outside. Mezcal is an excellent choice to fight the winter cold, so let’s draw the spirit out in a cocktail! Slow...
The Odd Fellow: Whiskey and Bourbon Cocktail
You don't have to be an odd fellow to love this cocktail recipe! It’s cold out. What’s the quickest way to warm you up from the inside out? Whiskey and bourbon in the same...